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2017 ALL IN Player's Championship Draft


2018 AIPC Finals Payout

1st - $44,000

2nd - $34,000

3rd - $26,000

4th - $22,000

5th - $18,000

6th - $15,000

7th - $13,000

8th - $11,000

9th - $9,000

10th - $8,000

Facts to Know

1. When does the ALL IN Player’s Championship Bull Draft take place?


  • November 3rd - 3PM - Brunswick Room
  • Bulls will be bucked live that day of the draft at the South Point Arena - 8AM
  • Eligible bulls are featured at: http://www.exclusivegenetics.com/ALL_IN_Draft


2. How much is the minimum buy-in?


  • $12,500 with training or $10,500 with your own training


3. How will training of the bull be handled?


  • Select The Jaynes Gang to train your bull, and they take care of your bull for the entire year
  • Or, you elect to train the bull on your own terms.


4. What events will my bull be eligible to compete in 2018?


  • ALL IN Player’s Championship events, Million Dollar Bucking Bull Games, BBG ALL STAR Series Events
  • Opportunity to take bull to open events
  • YOU DECIDE which events you want to take your bull to in 2018


5. How does the ALL IN Player’s Championship benefit the customer?


  • Higher-quality bulls
  • Bigger payouts at more events
  • Enhanced owner experience
  • Timely training videos & notes, access to top training facilities, a committed customer service staff, and of course, FUN!

To secure a Draft Spot, consign your Yearling Bull, or for general questions, please contact:
Billy Jaynes